• Alison Lea Sher

  • Posted on July 02, 2018
  • Alison Lea Sher at CounterAlison Lea Sher is a journalist, consultant, and the author of The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World (which was released through Skyhorse Publishing). She has a ten-year background in writing and start up consulting, and has worked to build multiple organizations from scratch in industries ranging from hospitality to nonprofits to digital media to alternative currencies. In 2018, she launched Millennial Inc. - a consulting agency that creates people and planet friendly company cultures using generational reconciliation tools and other innovative organizational strategies.  To write The Millennials Guide to Changing the World, she interviewed a wide cross-section of over 200 millennials and carries the oral history of the coming-of-age of her peer group.  She has been called "the voice of a generation.”

    Millennial Inc. helps companies increase profits and impact by attracting, engaging and retaining top millennial talent.  From capacity building for millennials to executive coaching, they provide the tools you need to inspire the rising generation to transform and carry on your company legacy. For more information, go to http://millennials-incorporated.com.

    Alison has appeared on numerous media outlets and shows including Money Talk With Melanie, The Y Factor, The Joe Piscopo Show, Savvy Business Radio, The Lars Larson radio Show, WGSO AM New Orleans, and the Robert Patillo Show on behalf of Millennial Inc. and The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World.

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